How can you buy Google shares at a low price?

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How can you buy Google shares at a low price?

If you want to buy Google shares, there are several options in regard to the broker and the trading center. Google shares can be bought on German stock exchanges, for example via the Xetra trading system or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. However, the turnover there is significantly lower than at the Nasdaq in New York. Therefore, it is more advisable to buy Google shares directly on Wall Street.

However, the Google share used here is not intended to be portrayed as a worthwhile investment that one should purchase, but merely serves as an arbitrary example of how and where to best buy US stocks.

Purchase of Google shares at a German stock exchange

If you buy a Google share on a German stock exchange, for example via the Xetra trading system or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, you will realize that trading volumes are very low. For example, only 1,086 Google shares were traded on Xetra and 749 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on September 22, 2014. By contrast, 1,225,315 shares were traded on the Nasdaq in the USA the same day (source: However, it depends on the trading volume whether you get a fair and low price. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Google shares on Wall Street rather than on a German stock exchange.

Choosing an inexpensive broker

You can buy Google shares on Nasdaq either from your house bank or through an online broker. To avoid costs of 20 euros or even more for a single trade, we recommend CapTrader, an online broker, where you can buy American shares at low prices.

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First of all, you open a free custody account for the Google shares you want to buy. Trading on US stock exchanges costs 1 cent per share or at least 2 euros per trade. Purchases on German stock exchanges start at 4 euros per trade. Deposits and one withdrawal per month are free, every additional withdrawal costs 8 euros. A possible drawback for small investors is that you have to invest at least 4,000 euros to open an account at CapTrader. However, these 4,000 euros can be transferred back after opening the account and so even small investors who only want to invest a few hundred euros can use CapTrader.

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At this point it should be noted that we also use CapTrader to trade and are very satisfied so far.
You can also find further broker offers using our comparison calculator.

Additionally you can open a demo account, which you can test for free for 30 days before you decide to open a so-called live account. All orders can only be placed online. With CapTrader, it is therefore possible to buy Google shares directly on Wall Street at particularly low prices.

Whether it’s a Google share or any other share you want to buy: With CapTrader, you can buy securities cost-effectively on more than 100 international stock exchanges in 19 countries worldwide.

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