Is it possible to buy shares without a custody account?

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Is it possible to buy shares without a custody account?

Theoretically yes, by having the shares of your choice delivered to you as so-called actual securities. In practice, however, this makes you suspicious of money laundering. In order to be able to participate quickly and effectively in stock trading, it is unavoidable to open a custody account. The (virtual) custody account is used to manage the entire stock portfolio, including purchases, sales, dividend payments and the payment of additional costs.

In order to be able to trade on the stock exchange in general, small investors need a broker, who then also takes over (usually free of charge) the deposit of the shares in a custody account. With this account, you can then buy shares and other securities on the stock exchanges. By now, there is a very wide range of online brokers. Many of them do not charge any running costs and also the costs for order execution have decreased significantly over the last few years. With the help of our broker comparison calculator, you can find the best offer for your needs.

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